Formula SAE: Sacrifice, Solidarity and Breaking Boundaries

With the identity of full-time college students, constructing an operational vehicle for competitive racing annually may seem demanding to the members of Mizzou Racing. What is it about Formula SAE that keeps captivating these 20-year-olds and making the sacrifice seem like something that would naturally fall into place? How do these students strike the crucial balance between the same workload on every other engineering student and the relentless dedication on the car? What is the process of design and manufacturing generally like before each vehicle eventually takes shape and becomes ready for competition?

Join the conversations with Team President and Suspension Designer Rory Hourihan, Chief Powertrain Engineer Nate Conrad, Electronics Engineer Naasa Fikri, together with Brakes & Control Designer Danny Radomski and learn more about the motivation supporting these petrolheads. 

From 1985 to 2016

Thirty years of structural development and transferring knowledge along with experience through inheritance have witnessed a series of remarkable changes incarnated in subtle details ranging from the equipments the team utilize to the sophistication of the techniques they rely on to assist the construction process. However, some of these characteristics remain rather reminiscent to the old-school way even today.