Yutao Chen

After finishing first two years of college in Shanghai, China, Yutao Chen was admitted to the international program at the Missouri School of Journalism and embraced a new start in central Missouri with the ambition to further hone his professional skills as a journalist in mind. Being fascinated by multimedia storytelling and documentary journalism at a young age, he chose convergence multimedia producing as the specific area of study to fully absorb and learn from the practical experience of producing engaging journalistic contents of different genres and formats.

Apart from the strong interest in filmmaking and soccer, his enthusiasm for open-wheeled single-seater motorsport, Formula 1 in particular, dates back to his middle school years, which was spurred by the pure adrenalin rush from observing meticulously designed vehicles soaring through corners of iconic circuits around the globe with jaw-dropping speed and precision. The possibility of covering such a magnificent sporting event from the perspective of a professional journalist has always been one of the major reasons why he made the decision to devote himself to the study and practice of journalism not only as an academic major, but also as an ideal choice for future career.